Welcome to DukesCollector.com!  I want this site to become the premier destination for collectors of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise.  Check out the links on the right to see pictures of my collection, and be sure to visit the official DukesCollector message board and blog for information on all things Dukes!

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Selling any Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia?  I’m always buying!

Looking to buy any of the items you see on this site?  While much of my collection is not for sale, I do have several items I’m willing to part with, including:

  1. -board games

  2. -banks

  3. -models

  4. -hats

  5. -Colorforms

  6. -1/16th cars

  7. -Johnny Lightnings

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the 144 scale project is complete!  click here to see the entire 150-card collection of 144-scale racing champion minis!